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What Is Certified Organic?.

Whether it is meat, fresh produce, or dairy, certified organic in Canada means:

  • No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers in the animals feed or to the plants
  • No use of genetically modified organisms
  • No use of growth hormones
  • No use of drugs (such as antibiotics)
  • No use of animal by-products for feed
  • Livestock must be fed 100% organic food
  • Treating animals humanely which includes provision of outdoor access
  • Inspections by an independent certification body occur on a regular basis
  • All certified products records are kept for 5 years
  • Strict Canadian and International standards are met

Here’s What We Do:

At Janssen Farms, we have made the decision not to become government certified in order to save ourselves and our customers’ the cost, but we still maintain all organic standards. All our birds have both shelter and access to the outdoors where they free-range, weather permitting.  There is always feed and fresh, clean water available.  And all our feed is certified oranganic. You can be assured that food from Janssen Farms comes from humanely treated animals eating only the best food!