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Orlopp Bronze

- $5.25/lb available the evening of October 6/21 at our farm. Come check out our Thanksgiving Market!

Turkeys are provided fresh – never frozen – so you have an optimal turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. As a result they MUST be picked up at our farm on our sale night as we don’t have enough refrigerator space to keep them all! If this is impossible, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

You can pre-purchase your Christmas turkey and we will store it free of charge until you’re ready for it.

We also offer the option of having your turkey cut-up (pre-order only). Available in 8 pieces, quarters or halves. Cut-up turkey is $5.50/lb. Please specify when ordering.

Avoid disappointment  – reserve your fresh, free-range turkey now!

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About the Orlopp Bronze Turkey

Orlopp Bronze Turkeys

Orlopp Bronze Turkeys

A premium, broad-breasted turkey, the Orlopp Bronze is the product of choice for the most discerning tastes and the grandest occasions. Excellent conformation, high meat quality, natural fat layering and beautiful bronze feathering is delivered with very competitive feed conversion rates and industry-leading health status. Orlopp Bronze has been the standard of excellence for the traditional, whole bird marketplace for over 75 years.


The breed that established the premium niche turkey market began in 1935 when the Orlopp family purchased 400 bronze line eggs from a farm in Washington State. The birds that produced these eggs originated in England and were exported to Canada before arriving in the U.S. The Orlopp family continued to focus on breeding and management techniques to grow the finest quality birds. To further enhance the breed, the family acquired another bronze breed in 1954. Since purchasing this breed in 2005, Hybrid Turkeys has worked to preserve and strengthen the Orlopp breed by merging the best traits of the two Bronze lines. That’s the premium breed we now proudly call ‘Orlopp Bronze’.

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