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Bulk Organic Feed.

Janssen Farms is the Northern Ontario supplier for Halma Organic Grains Inc. in Troy, Ontario.

Organic Feed is available year around at select retailers:

Krause Farms Food and Feed
(705) 724-2500
357 Clark St., Powassan, ON

Burrows Country Store & Garden Centre
(705) 472-2800
270 Third Avenue West, North Bay, ON

Please contact your local retailer for prices & availability.

As part of their commitment to being good stewards of the land, Halma Organic Grains grows their grains without the use of commercial fertilizer or harmful chemicals. They do not use any GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

Their feed products are manufactured using all organic grain ingredients. They include multiple grains in each ration, so that the animals can utilize the characteristics of each grain in their diet, resulting in better health and growth performance.

Organic Layer Feed

A 16% protein feed for laying hens. This feed contains vitamins, minerals, corn, oats, peas, barley, and roasted soybeans with added oyster shell.

Organic Broiler Feed

Three different broiler rations are offered to specifically target growth periods critical to development and performance. Each broiler feed contains vitamins, minerals, corn, oats, peas, barley, and roasted soybeans.

Organic Turkey Feed

As with the broiler program, three different rations are offered to target the turkeys needs at different growth periods. This feed contains the same grains as broiler feed with similar vitamins and minerals. A fourth turkey ration is available for those who wish to grow their turkeys to a very large size.

Organic Beef feed

The beef feed contains organic corn, oats, barley, and peas. Since we believe that quality hay and a well maintained pasture should provide adequate protein requirements, soybeans are not added to the feed. However, they are available on request.

Whole scratch grain

Scratch grain mix contains whole hard red wheat, oats, peas, and barley.